"Duck, duck, goose"

April 2020

agate designs, pioneer square

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Included below is an email response to a request for more information to accompany an Op-Ed photography piece for The Guardian, which you can view here

a letter in response to a request for information


"Sure, I'd love to tell you about how the mural came about. As corona virus became a public health threat, many businesses in Seattle began to board up their windows. Pioneer Square businesses, which rely heavily on tourists, sports fans, art walks, and bar hoppers, were hit especially hard and began to board up their windows even before the stay at home issue was ordered. Across the city, neighborhood associations began to pool their resources to hire local artists to paint the boards in the hopes that art would boost the city's morale (and keep Seattle from looking like a post apocalyptic zombie town). 


Pioneer Square's push for art was led by Sara Pizzo and the Alliance for Pioneer Square, and, offering incentives of $1,000 per storefront, a call for art was put out for Pioneer Square artists to work in conjunction with Pioneer Square business owners. In my application, I specifically requested to work with Mark Kullberg of Agate Designs. Not only is it my favorite store in Pioneer Square, but it's one I've been visiting since I was a little girl. For the past 30 years (at least), there have been carved wooden ducklings wearing raincoats in their window, and I wanted to create a tribute to this neighborhood icon!  (You can actually see them at the top of their website www.agatedesigns.com)."

"I actually found out I had a third panel on the same shop three days in to painting, and decided that after five duck paintings, the only logical follow up was a goose! Mine is sporting a blue ribbon to honor the first responders and medical workers on the front lines of this crisis. 


Miles Pertl and Leah Terada, my brother and my friend respectively, who are both part of my production team SeaPertls, helped with painting the backgrounds -- all while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks, of course. It was great to be able to get the crew together to create something so amazing for our community


However, the best part has been the response from the community. I struck up a number of friendships with homeless Seattleites who were living in the shelters nearby, and they thanked me every time they passed by. I was thanked by dogwalkers, mailmen, and once, even an ambulance stopped in the middle of the street and the first responders yelled thank you out of their window! I thanked them back profusely, of course! I am not a healthcare worker or grocery store employee, and as the world was shutting down around me, I struggled to see how I could contribute or help. This project has given me a way to use my skills and talents to do my part for Seattle; I am using my artwork to bring hope and joy to my city throughout these trying times. 


Anyway, thank you so much for your time and interest,

Stay safe, stay well, and be sure to wash your flippers!





The team! 

from left to right:

Miles Pertl

Sydney M. Pertl 

Leah Terada

We had a blast working on these murals, and we would love to make some more! 

If you would like to hire us or if you know of a great mural opportunity, please let us know!

You can contact us at seapertlproductions@gmail.com

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