The Only thing you see now

july 2020

Seattle Dance collective,


Gemma Dee Alexander. Review: Blog

Alexander, Gemma Dee."Seattle Dance Collective Continues with The Only Thing You See Now." Gemma Dee Alexander. July 13, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Seattle C-ID murals

june 2020

chinatown international district,

downtown seattle

Northwest Asian WeeklyArticle: Photo Gallery

Ng, Assunta."Protest Aftermath - Over 100 Artists Lift Up Seattle's Chinatown." Northwest Asian Weekly. June 11, 2020. National News.

CoVID-19 Murals

april 2020

pioneer square, downtown seattle

The GuardianArticle: Photo Gallery

Hipple, Mike."Seattle Artists Create Murals on Shuttered Stores." The Guardian. April 28, 2020. National News.

The Seattle Times. Article: Photo Gallery

Sherrard, Jean."Artists Fill the Bleak Streets of  a Locked-Down Seattle with Vibrancy and Life." Pacific Northwest Magazine: The Seattle Times. July 19, 2020. Seattle, WA.

CNN. Video Clip via YouTube

"Washington Set to Reopen." Erin Burnett Show: CNN. May 7, 2020. National News.

City Lifestyle. Article: Photo Gallery

Hargesheimer, Mindy. "The Power of Street Art.City Lifestyle. April 2020. Kansas City, MO.

Seattle Community MediaVideo Interview via YouTube

Obrien, Janet Christensen. "Video Interview #1." Public Interest Issues Show: Seattle Community Media.

       April 11, 2020. Seattle, WA.

Daily Motion. Video Interview

Obrien, Janet Christensen. "Video Interview #2." Daily Motion. April 23, 2020. Seattle, WA.

wash of Gray & Skid road gallery

november 2019

pacific northwest ballet

mccaw hall, seattle

NW Theatre. Article: Review

Anderson, Chase D. "With a Trio of Inventive New Works, PNB's 'Locally Sourced' is Ballet for We Who Don't 'Do the Ballet'." NW Theatre. November 16, 2019. Seattle, WA.

The Stranger. Article: Review

Smith, Rich. "PNB Presents a Trove of Local Art and Dance - Some of It is Very Good!" The Stranger. November 15, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Gemma Dee Alexander. Article: Review, Blog

Alexander, Gemma Dee. "Wash of Gray, Locally Sourced at PNB." Gemma Dee Alexander. November 15, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Bachtrack. Article: Review

Kiraly, Philippa. "Creative Highs are Locally Sourced in Seattle." Bachtrack. November 11, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Crosscut. Article: Review

Kurtz, Sandra. "Pacific Northwest Ballet Goes Locals-Only.Crosscut. November 5, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Critical Dance. Article: Review

Speer, Dean. "Pacific Northwest Ballet: Locally Sourced." Critical Dance. November 9, 2019. Seattle, WA.

KUOW. Article: Review

Sillman, Marcie. "Marcie Sillman's Weekend Culture Picks, November 8-10." KUOW: NPR. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

And Another Thing.... Article: Review, Blog

Sillman, Marcie. "Moving, Feeling, Thinking." And Another Thing.... November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Eclectic Arts. Article: Review, Blog

Sugiyama, Mark. "LOCALLY SOURCED - Pacific Northwest Ballet 11/8/19." Eclectic Arts. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Met. Article: Review

Davis, Darren. "'Locally Sourced' Will Surprise You." Seattle Met. November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

The Seattle Times. Article: Review

Burbank, Megan. "In PNB's 'Locally Sourced,' Ballerinas Dance Through Heartbreak, Pregnancy, and Onstage Rain." Seattle Times. November 12, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Melody Datz Hansen. Article: Review

Hansen, Melody Datz. "'Letters from Home: A Review of PNB's Locally Sourced." Melody Datz Hansen. November 8, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Seattle PI. Article: Review

Lopez, Xavier, Jr. "Locally Sourced at PNB is a Mixed Bag of Very Highs and Also Some Lows - Pretty Much Like Life." Seattle PI. November 11, 2019. Seattle, WA.

Official PNB Blog. Article: Interview

Pacific Northwest Ballet. "Wash of Gray: A Wealth of Local Artists." Pacific Northwest Ballet Blog. October 24, 2019. Seattle, WA.

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