16" x 20" - All paintings by Sugar & Scartissue are framed in a black wood frames with black matting unless buyer requests otherwise


"I work as Sugar and Scartissue. You can find me @sugar.and.scartissue on Instagram. My work typically strives to create empowering, surreal portraits of the emotion and humanity of being female.


Help Sugar & Scartissue through the COVID crisis by buying her artwork!

Sugar & Scartissue

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  • Every purchase goes to directly support the incredible artists here in Seattle during this time of crisis. The COVID-19 crisis has hit our local artists especially hard, as many artists have secondary jobs which currently no longer exist. Whether working in the food and service industries, busking for tourists and sports fans, or whether their art sales have declined because of the financial instabilities across our community, artists in particular are really hurting. We thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts for helping SEATTLE ART SURVIVE!

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